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Productivity LPT: Take the extra 5 seconds to put your dirty clothes away properly


I am someone who hates doing laundry. A big thing I used to do ocassionaly, especially with socks, is to peel my clothes off anyway how which would make them inside out when I put them in my hamper. Come time to fold clothes, I had to flip all of the articles that were inside out the right way taking many minutes of my time and making folding laundry more of a chore. Once I started spending 5 seconds or so making sure the clothes were put away properly, I saved myself must frustration and time doing laundry which made it a little bit more bearable.

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Productivity LPT: When starting a new hobby or pursuit, resist the urge to invest in the "good" gear or supplies. Get by with what you have, borrow, or get relatively cheap, even if it makes you look like a noob or less serious. Reward yourself with something nice for every level you improve.


I know, for many hobbies buying stuff for it is a lot of the fun, but save yourself money, storage space, and regrets by pacing yourself.

This also give you incentive not to just blow all your enthusiasm out right in the beginning so you lose interest before you get good enough for it become a longterm interest.

EDIT: Just to add, I say "relatively cheap" deliberately. Don't necessarily go for complete crap, just don't shoot the moon right away.

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Productivity LPT: Throw small parties or get togethers to inspire you to cleanup and declutter when you otherwise wouldn’t.


If you’re like me, having friends over for some wine, to watch the game, or host a dinner is a good way to get motivated to clean and declutter your home when you otherwise wouldn’t. I suppose it stems from that same feeling I get that causes me to pre-clean before the housekeeper comes so I’m not too embarrassed.

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Miscellaneous LPT: When you're a parent, don't just tell your kids what not to do. Teach them how to fix it if they do.


Don't just tell your kids "don't drink", "don't do drugs", "don't get pregnant". Let them know the right steps they need to take if they make a mistake. Teach them how to recover and they will grow up to impress you.

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Social LPT: Don't answer those social media posts like: "Your first car, first street you lived on and first dog is your rock star name" Countless people are sharing these and answering them without realizing it is security questions 101 for all of your online banking and many other security measures.


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Miscellaneous LPT: If you want to learn a new language, figure out the 100 most frequently used words and start with them. Those words make up about 70% of everyday speech, and should be a very solid basis.


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Country/Region Specific Tip LPT: If you want to delete a social media account, "the right to be forgotten" ensures that all your data is actually deleted and not just hidden.


When deleting a social media account, the provider will usually just mark your personal data as hidden. But the data will still be in their DB and they are still allowed to use it. Depending on the site, your posts, comments and content might stil be visible.

If you live in the EU (or some other region with decent privacy regulation, such as California or Australia), companies are required by law to offer a means by which users can request that all of their data be completely and permanently removed. This includes all content such as posts, comments, etc.

This option is usually hidden, and might require you to contact the service provider.

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Home & Garden LPT: Have cold water bottles and ice available for contractors doing work on your home.


Especially in the summer months, always have cold water bottles and ice available for contractors doing service in and around your home. It shows consideration and it may help them to get the job done more efficiently.

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Social LPT: when boycotting a social media platform be sure to delete all your post, data, and user account. Don’t leave anything behind for the company to continue to use to make money. Also, the number of user accounts is the lifeblood of a company looking to IPO


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Productivity LPT - Use the "5 Why's" technique: When facing a problem or challenge, ask yourself "why" five times to get to the root cause. Understanding the underlying issue can help you find more effective solutions and prevent recurring problems.


Here's an example to illustrate how the technique works:

Problem: You consistently struggle to complete your tasks on time.

1 - Why are you struggling to complete tasks on time?

my answer might be - because I often get distracted and lose focus.

2 - Why do you get distracted and lose focus?

because I keep receiving notifications on my phone.

3 - Why do you receive frequent notifications?

because I haven't turned off notifications

4 - Why haven't you turned off notifications?

because I'm worried I might miss something important.

5 - Why are you worried about missing something important?

because I have a fear of not being responsive or available to others.

In this example, we have reached to the root cause of the problem which is the fear of not being responsive or available to others. This fear leads to the inability to turn off notifications, which then results in distractions and an inability to complete tasks on time.

Now as we had uncoveredd the root cause through the 5 Why's techniuqe, we could set specific times to check and respond to notifications instead of allowing them to interrupt the work throughout the day.


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Productivity LPT Request: How to avoid feeling irritable when you're sleep deprived?


I need some good advice rn

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Miscellaneous LPT: for those dealing with smoke in the NE USA, change your car's air filters.


Your cabin air will be better after all that smoke, and your engine will perform better too.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Got property cams & live alone? Grant access to a friend.


I'm in my late 40s, F, single-fam home in an LA suburb. My childhood BFF has viewing access to all of my external cams in case anything happens, I go off-grid, and for when I can't watch but he can. As a single, middle-aged female, this means the world to me. 💚

ESPECIALLY helpful with dating. ❤

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Social LPT: If you are a very talkative person, get in the habit of questioning what you gain by sharing information with the people you talk to. Sometimes knowing when not to talk is just as important as knowing what to say.


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Careers & Work LPT: When writing an email, leave the recipient field empty until you have added your attachments and reviewed your messages.


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Miscellaneous LPT: If you want to volunteer at a homeless shelter for Thanksgiving (USA), this is the month to sign up


There are only so many slots available and they are usually gone by September

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Finance LPT: If you get a call about a debt, never pay until you request and receive a Debt Validation Letter.


Even if it sounds legit, always ask for the letter. They are required by law to send proof of the debt. This is how you can prove it's legit and that you are required to pay.

Edit to add: this info is based on US laws.

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Traveling LPT: So you don't forget anything, make a list when packing for a trip. Then, pack the list so you don't forget anything on the way back.


Many do this for the departing trip, but it can be a lifesaver on the return trip, too.

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Social LPT request: what to do when your social circles start shrinking as you age?


I (26F) am an expat who’s lived in the UK for 8 years and have what I thought was a decent amount of friends, recently I realised very few of them are around for plans anymore - I believe it’s because people around me start getting into more serious relationships (I’m single), which is fair but even my single friends seem uninterested in going outside to do things.

I have a variety of hobbies and am comfortable being on my own, but I also want to spend time with people. I have been actively going on dates and attend meet-ups / socials but these encounters often don’t turn into anything permanent.

Genuinely at a lost here as I feel like I’m doing something wrong… would appreciate any advice for making meaningful friendships and relationships when all your ‘existing’ friends are getting cuffed?

TLDR - how can you make meaningful friendships / relationships as you get older?

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Request LPT Request: How to stop comparing yourself to others?


I have such a hard time not constantly comparing my looks with others, rating myself and whether or not I think someone will find me attractive based on how attractive I find them. I’ll also see others of my own (perceived) gender and think, “I’ll never measure up.” Those thoughts make me feel timid and undeserving. What are some tips to help me forget that mentality?

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Computers LPT: Never answer security questions with real information,


You should make something up and save a secure note with your answers in a password manager or in a secret location in your house. This way even if someone knows your first pets name they won’t be able to do anything with that information. Whatever service you’re signing up for has no way of knowing if your answers are true and they shouldn’t be anyway, treat them like additional passwords.

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Miscellaneous LPT I was entering the liquor and the cops pulled up and detained me and searched me just because I didnt have a bike light. Moral of the story, if you ride bikes in the hood, use a bike light.


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Traveling LPT: If you are on a road trip or long drive and need to take a dump, stop in a chain hotel!


99% of the time they aren’t going to question you and the typically have extremely clean facilities!

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Miscellaneous LPT: Never plead guilty to a crime.


Unless the plea is for something reduced to like community service or something.

Especially if you're innocent, they say you're saving the court time, forget their time, it's your life they are throwing away.

Not to mention if you come out to be innocent later, you have to put down You plead guilty to a crime on a resume, and doubts will always be in the minds of employers.

Not to mention all the stuff you'd miss on the outside.

Always he stubborn, if you have an alibi, and it doesn't matter how ridiculous or unproven.

Stay with it.

They always try to find holes in your alibi.

If they ask where you were at 3:27 am and you were dancing in your shower wearing a nun outfit, just say that and keep with that.

Just no matter what, never plead guilty, always be stubborn against your lawyers wishes.

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Miscellaneous LPT: You can opt-out of being followed


I do not know if its because of the 'going dark' thing thats gonna happen, or if I posted somewhere I shouldn't but I have received a bunch of notifications about followers who turn out to be spam bots of adult content and by the time I check their profile they are already gone, but receiving all the notifications is annoying > click your name at the top right, select user settings, select 'profile' > scroll down to 'allow people to follow you'

BigHeartyRadish · 8 hr. ago
Icon > settings > account settings for (username)Steps are a bit different for mobile

edit also: thank you kindpeople for the awards *imnotworthy xD

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Clothing LPT Request: How can I get rubber boots to not smell?


I work in a food production facility and we have to wear water tight rubber boots as part of the uniform. These were supplied by my employer, and are shared between me and another guy (different shifts).

They smell awful. Don't know how much of that is from me and how much is from someone else, but it makes my feet smell for the rest of the day after every shift which is a problem if I have to go to a class or something.

Anyone have any tips on what to use to get rid of the smell? And/or how to keep it from the source if my feet are contributing lol