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Request LPT request: tips to know when to stop drinking after a few drinks at a party.


Was at a work event yesterday and very much took advantage of the open bar but I said to myself beforehand I don’t want to get too drunk. Of course I did, not in a bad way or anything (plenty other folk were just as drunk).

But its not the first time where I’ve said I only have a few but end up drinking a few too many.

Wondering if you have any tips to know when to stop drinking. I’ve tried “I’ll have 5 and stop” but i never stick to it.


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Request LPT REQUEST: Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night it becomes hard to fall asleep again or it takes me a while. Do you guys have any tips on how to fall asleep again/faster?


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Request LPT Request: Getting back to sleep when woken up with racing thoughts


Seems to happen pretty regularly. I go to sleep just fine about 11 PM every evening, and wake up about 2 or 3 AM with my mind racing. It’s like my brain wants to be awake and I can’t get back to sleep. My job is a lot of problem solving, so sometimes I don’t have solutions to everything by the end of the day. I can seem to disconnect from it no problem after work, but I wake up and it doesn’t even register right away that I’m thinking through solutions to problems for tomorrow. When I catch myself I try to be mindful of it to shut it down, but my brain seems to be firing at full speed and I feel like I can’t control what I think about. Sometimes it takes me like an hour to get back to sleep. Sometimes I end up laying there until I need to get ready for work. I know the lack of sleep is not healthy. Any tips for sleeping through the night or getting back to sleep when it does happen?

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Request LPT Request: Completely renovating my kitchen, what would you have the contractor add that would turn a good kitchen into a great kitchen


For example I am asking the contractor to add the cup washer attachment to the sink because I have many glasses that can’t go in the dishwasher.

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Request LPT Request: Camping in hot weather. What is a lifesaver?


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Request LPT Request: How do people do it all?


I'm really trying to be a full adult with my life. Waking up early, exercising, meal prepping, cleaning my apartment, booking doctors appointments, laundry - the list goes on. I always just cannot find the time and/or energy to get it all done and feel on top of it. I see other people who seem to continuously be on top of everything, even while maintaining a social life. What are tips on doing this in my own life?

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Request LPT Request: We have a newborn son, what can we do now to make life better / easier for future him?


We’ve started a savings account with a direct debit set up to pay money in every month, which is what got us thinking - what else can we do to help him?

EDIT: thanks everyone who has contributed so far. Lots of people commenting about specific financial products / portfolios (e.g. 529s), we are not in the US.

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Request LPT Request: how to tell a coworker that she has bad odor?


Never had something like this before and I don’t know what to do. So, I’m a guy working with few female coworkers, and one of them sit close to me and she has bad smell, and I have no idea how to tell her that. Is there a way to tell someone about their hygiene issue without any awkwardness?

Edit: just wanted to add, I work in the small company and we don’t have HR or any similar positions here. And my boss said that he couldn’t smell anything and I need to deal with that myself.

And I decided to put scent sticks on my desk to hide coworkers odor.

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Request LPT Request: How do I get respect from my male coworkers?


I, female (22), often find my self overlooked, interrupted and ignored by male peers. How do I get them to stop disrespecting me?

Today I wanted to present my work to our professor. I did the structure and everything and wanted to present it and why I have put it that way. My team consists out of 3 males and me. One person completely turned their back on me and presented my work as his. Out of respect I didn't say anything because I didn't want to fight in front of the professor because he will give us the grade. I didn't get a chance to speek during the whole meeting because everytime I said something I was interrupted within saying 3 words. My team has the same qualifications and is similiar in age. I don't knoe how to approach the situation especially with the one that presented my work because he has the attitude of "what's the problem? Why are you being a bitch? I didn't do a thing". I'm pretty sure he isn't aware.

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Request LPT Request: What is something you’ll avoid based on the knowledge and experience from your profession?


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Request LPT Request: How to fall asleep without the need for melatonin/magnesium?


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Request LPT Request: I became the toxic person that everyone give tips to avoid. What can I do to be a better human being?


Message of gratitude to all: I really want to thank you all for the crazy ammount of great support. Never in my life I experienced something like this.

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Request LPT Request - What small purchase have you made that has had a significant impact on your life?


What small purchase have you made that has had a major positive impact on your life?

Price cap of 100$ roughly.

Edit: Thank you for all of the feedback! There have been so many great suggestion and I have added quite a few items to my cart on Amazon (Including a bidet).

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Request LPT Request: How do you get out of bed easily?


Update: Thanks for showing up and sharing, folks! Here's what I'm going to try for some accountability:

  • An app that makes me have to do something to turn the alarm off, like alarmy
  • Bite the bullet and put my phone across the room. I feel some type of way already, which is probably all the more I should do it!
  • With the above note, save up for a Kindle so that I can still read in bed without lights - and ONLY read. Phone/tablet makes it easy to get derailed and doom scroll
  • I noticed that when I visualise what I'm going to do the next day while I journal at night, I am more motivated to just get up sometimes even excited, so I'm going to practise more of that. Also, recall the times when I actually wake up, the sense of accomplishment and just joy of having more time in the day to do things.
  • Keep working on my sleep hygiene, sleep, and wake at the same time. I have been finding excuses for myself, it's time to fight that voice and do the best thing for me
  • I rent and the thermostat in the apartment doesn't have timer/schedule function, but at my next apartment to make sure of it to make my place nice and toasty so I don't miss my bed :)

I hope the comments here have helped someone come up with a plan too! Thank y'all once again for sharing.

It amazes me how people turn off the alarm and hop right off of the bed. I find the coziness of being under the blankets hard to leave, especially if it’s in the winter. It takes me at least 30mins or my cat to get out of bed.

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Request LPT request: How do I stop putting out a "walk all over me" vibe and seem more assertive


I give off a "walk all over me" vibe when I talk to people. Even in my friend groups, I often find myself agreeing with whatever the group decides (my own opinions get drowned out).
To make things worse, I'm a 20-year-old guy who looks like I'm 15, and it's hard for people to take me seriously.

I have a slight inferiority complex, so I tend to be overly polite to avoid offending others. This politeness has become my default, and I don't know how to change it.
I can't really afford to hire a coach or any sort of trainer, and my friends don't really understand the issue.

I'd appreciate any tips or advice on how to project more confidence and assertiveness.

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Request LPT Request: How to get over your first love?


It’s been about 7 months. Even after therapy, working on myself, and hitting the gym. She’s still constantly on my mind, and it feels like at times I’ve made no progress and back at square one.

EDIT: Thank you all for all the advice, knowledge, and wisdom. It was nice to see that I’m not alone, that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you again everybody.

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Request LPT request: What's something short and meaningful to say to someone having a hard time, instead of "I hope you're okay" ?


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Request LPT Request: How do I grow up and learn to adult


I have no self discipline I don't think. I can't manage to keep up consistently with laundry, cleaning, dishes etc.

There's things that I feel like I need to be doing that I don't such as drinking enough water, regular exercise, keeping the house kept up, meditation, moisturize, stretching or yoga, meal prepping, reading books etc.

I'm almost 32 and I feel so like... Not where I'm supposed to be in terms of this stuff. I look at my mom and think that there's no way I can manage a house like her, keeping it clean, cooking dinner every night, hosting holidays...

I hate the term "adulting" but that's what I'd call this I guess. Is this all the result of 0 self discipline? Maybe that's my problem. I feel like I'll never get there.

Edit: I've got a lot of people suggesting ADD/ADHD. I was actually undiagnosed bipolar for years and I thought my undiagnosed mania was ADD. Turns out it's not! I do have Ups and downs that contribute to my motivation (or lack of) when it comes to some of these things.

Thank you for all the wonderful advice you guys have shared! I can't reply to all of the comments but I'm reading them.

And thanks to the hater(s) that decided my post was worth commenting on 🥲

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Request LPT request- My dad hasn't taught me anything other than you should make money & respect others


But when I go through wholesome videos where dads explain something cool or share great advices/quote, I feel I'm missing out.

Could y'all share 1 favourite trick/advice your dad taught you?

EDIT: ayoo I saved it. This post was like a 2nd father to me.😂 You guys nailed it with the tips and new tricks.

Hey if you're overwhelmed reading below comments, here's few takeaways: - Go watch "Dad how do I" Youtube channel. It's a greeat source to learn the dad stuff like jump start a car. It covers everything a dad should teach to their child.

  • Rest of the fatherly advice I've compiled here in this folder. It's few which stood out to me.

Enjoy Fatherly advice: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N410KaKiG1y-SKt57_ZnbekkM1Q6VMaJePCi3xozQPs/edit?usp=sharing

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Request LPT REQUEST: I’m a person who stresses out wondering if they have made the best decision, even the small decisions stress me out. Does anyone have any advice to help me out with this unnecessary stress?


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Request LPT Request: how to get better at defending yourself when you feel that someone has disrespected you. I freeze in the moment and have many of those "wish I said that" thoughts after it happens


Edit: Woah, was not expecting this to blow up, haha! Thanks for all the replies everyone. Having a good chuckle at a lot of them, and finding some helpful.

For some context, I made this post because my boss had just said something disrespectful to me/muttered it under his breath after I was asking him questions to make sure I was doing the right thing, even though what I was asking about may have been a bit obvious. I did explain to him why I was asking the questions - I said "I'm just trying to make sure I'm doing the right thing".

I've been making little mistakes at work recently and have been trying to remedy that by double checking I'm understanding things properly. I know it can appear like I'm not as competent as I could be, but it really hurt when I heard him say my reasoning was "weak" even if he didn't mean for me to hear that. I wish I confronted him but felt too anxious to appear like more of an idiot.

EDIT 2: oh my god I can't keep up with all the replies but thanks everyone! Such helpful advice. I wanted to add that my boss is otherwise a really friendly guy and I do get along well with him. I know I struggle with confrontation so, as many of you wise people have said, I just need to learn to trust my feelings. I am not someone who is easily offended, but I hate when my intentions are misunderstood.

To Finish: Thanks again everyone. I plan to approach my manager and discuss points of the business where I've noticed I'm getting confused due to some contradicting processes/expectations which cause me to have to keep checking and double checking so as not to make a mistake. My manager is an understanding guy, I just have to be okay with kindly confronting this. Hopefully it'll be productive and things (including myself) will improve.

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Request LPT request - Do you have any techniques that help stopping you from caring about what others think?


Any suggestions are welcomed!

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Request LPT Request: Older folks, what can younger people do to not look back one day and think "the years passed so fast"?


Is there anything that can make life seem long and fulfilled?

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Request LPT Request: what is something that has drastically helped your mental health that you wish you started doing earlier?


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Request LPT: How can I politely, but firmly, tell my neighbor to train her dogs to shut the hell up?


My downstairs neighbor has two dogs that bark nonstop, for hours on end, while she's not home and it's driving everybody in this part of the apartment complex absolutely insane. One of them is still at it now as I'm typing this out. I'm fighting the urge to channel my inner neighbor from hell, but nobody wants to do that or deal with that so how can I go about this in a more civilized manner? Sometimes this goes on until 10pm and I have to be up early as hell.