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📣 Community Post Fireside Chat - 6/9/2023 - On the topic of Doxxing and the DRS Ledger


Important links: 💰📈Vote & Save the Date: June 15, 2023🚀10:00AM(CT) Gamestop Annual Shareholder Meeting📈💰 - ttps://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/13jaogy/vote_save_the_date_june_15_20231000amct_gamestop/

Computershare Megathread - for any questions about direct registering

TA;DR: Don’t release any non-public information that you do not have explicit permission to release. It is morally wrong and potentially illegal. Specific to the GME DRS ledger, it is legal to look, illegal and immoral to share it publicly. We have a zero-tolerance policy for doxxing.

Hey Superstonk!

It’s possible that if you’ve been actively patrolling Reddit over the past 24 hours, you’ve come across instances in which the personal financial information of members of our community was posted and/or discussed. We have done our best as a moderation team to remove references to this content. Allow us to explain the *why* behind those removals. Please, give us the benefit of the doubt as we explain our perspective on these events.


What happened?

The personal financial information (description of the number of DRS’d shares, locations, number of people with matching names) of members of our mod team, Superstonk, and other GME communities was posted by another sub on Reddit. It was explicitly stated by people involved in this breach of trust that at least some of this content was not consensually released to the public. In order to protect our community from the release of non-consensual personal information, as well as to avoid witch-hunts from all sides, we have removed reference to this release of information from Superstonk and will continue to do so.

In fact, there is evidence that those responsible for this breach of trust and violation of privacy in sharing private data from the Computershare ledger likely violated Federal Regulations.

Evidence here:



What are the Potential and Actual Ramifications?

As a mod team, we want to be as clear as possible, and for once, I’m taking off the gloves and the mod hat, and speaking bluntly to this community:

To those who released this information, this was profoundly stupid. If you are intending to act in ways that are pro-GME, you have missed the mark here.

At this point, we need to take a moment and encourage all members of the sub to be aware of how information from the DRS ledger for GameStop *could* be weaponized now that it has been leaked. It has been proven that there are parties who have viewed the names on the ledger who are willing to look up people by name, and report out the status of their investments without their permission. This includes people who have purple circles but have made the personal choice not to post them. The bot matters - but the ledger matters more. It’s not a stretch to believe that they could, theoretically, cross reference DRS posts made on Reddit (which contain user names) with actual names on the ledger based on share counts reported. If you have a random number of shares that nobody else does, congratulations, you can now potentially be identified by this group of GME investors willing to publicly share your personal information, which includes your name, address and position. If/when the time ever comes to sell, information about how many shares you sold can now be tracked. That’s nobody’s business, unless you *want* it to be. For some people, this doesn't matter. So what? They're proudly invested and not afraid to have their names publicly tied to that investment. For others, they are more cautious. They are concerned about personal safety, or their family/friends knowing personal financial information. It is unfair to take away the autonomy of the individual to control how much information is made public without their consent.

At this time, we have no way to confirm which names they have seen and retained, or if they captured personal information in contradiction of Gamestop’s policies. It is apparent that they spent a great deal of time and effort looking for specific names, and then making public comments about their findings. We can't say with any certainty who they are and are not aware of, which positions they know, or what information they have retained.

There is a very good reason Gamestop corporate insists on not allowing people to record the names of its shareholders when viewing the ledger: to avoid situations exactly like this. People have abused this access to confidential information and are now weaponizing it to further their own agenda. This is a really bad look for the GME community and should be shunned.

It is incredibly troubling that several individuals very publicly decided that their agenda outweighed the rights of members of our community, namely privacy and the ability to consent to the public revelation of their private information. The fact that this breach of trust came from within our Reddit community is not only disappointing but dangerous. We’ve already seen that this “project” has resulted in bullying and harassment of community members both on Superstonk and elsewhere. Some of these folks are simply “unverified” as having DRS’d their shares because their names or LLC names were unknown. We’ve already received confirmation from members of this community who are so rattled about having their personal information out there being cross-referenced and released that they are actually UN-DRSing their shares.

Beyond the legal entanglements they created for the GME community, they violated people’s privacy. They suggested that people weren’t conclusively DRSd to damage the reputation of this mod team. They suggested that other people who have been active in the community were not DRSd because they could not find them on the ledger. There are *any* number of reasons for this that aren’t sinister. For instance, they don’t know the names of the mod team, and as such would not know where to look. People hodl through spouses and LLCs. But the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) suggestions that people were lying about their DRS positions kicked off micro-aggressions and witchhunts and finger pointing, causing genuine rifts between community members based purely on superficial interpretations of anecdotal information.

Moving Forward

As a moderator team, we have no tolerance for anyone who is revealing the personal information of others on the sub without their express and enthusiastic consent. Anyone found to break this policy will be banned immediately. We will also fully support and cooperate with any further investigations that may result from these actions, including legal ones. If your information has been shared or is shared in any way, please message the mod team via mod mail and we will work with you to find a resolution to the best of our ability. Additionally, you may report it here to: https://www.sec.gov/whistleblower/submit-a-tip

No one has a right to your personal information. No one has a right to try to leverage that information to try to force you to make any sort of financial decisions. There is *NO WRONG WAY TO HOLD THIS STOCK*. Coercion and threats will not be tolerated, including and especially when they utilize privileged (potentially legally barred) information in order to try to achieve their objectives.

Your financial decisions are your own. Your personal information is your own. No one has a right to demand proof of anything from you here with regards to your identity or investment. If anyone is making such requests, report them and their comments immediately. We’re *done* with the gatekeeping and purity tests. You like book? Book ‘em. You like DRS? Do it. You like your broker? I wouldn’t… but I’m not you. Let’s unite around love of the stonk, and not around the rallying cry of a fractionalized subgroup playing “holier than thou.”

No one can be required to be publicly accountable for their personal finances and decisions. Zealotry will not be tolerated. We will not allow "Inquisition-style" tactics to be employed to execute witch hunts against members of our community for the way they invest. Anyone making calls for this will also be banned. This mod team is absolutely supportive of DRS and believes it to be the way. I'm on public record time and again saying that I think DRS will be the key differentiator for the success of GME. When the dust settles, they will not talk about Superstonk. They will talk about how a bunch of idiots found DRS and owned the company they loved in their own name. That is my belief, and it is shared by the mods on this team. However, this tent is big enough for everyone, including people who do not have a single share in DRS.

Our community is and will always be a collection of individual investors who have done their due diligence in order to make their own financial decisions for their own best interests. Anyone making calls that your private information should be made public without your knowledge and consent as some sort of “proof” of your legitimacy within this community is wrong and is grossly against the principles upon which Superstonk was founded.

Please report any instance of this behavior you see, and do what you feel is necessary to ensure your own safety and privacy. Remember that we are here to love the stonk, respect each other, and try to build a better world for people. That means that the basic rules of consent, honest/fair dealings, and integrity do matter.

There are people out there saying “Changing the world is what is at stake.” That’s a noble sentiment. But if you have to break the law to get there, then we’re no better than the people we’re currently up against.


-Superstonk Mod Team

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📳Social Media RYAN COHEN on twitter

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📰 News Attal Alain buys 10k shares for 224k$

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📰 News Alain Attal using $224k to buy whiskey 🥃👑

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🤡 Meme "Thank you for calling Gamestop Customer service. Ryan speaking, how may I help you?"

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📰 News TD Ameritrade FUD for Analysts can't read so good - says GameStop struggles with long term debt

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


Long-term debt remains limited to one low-interest, unsecured term loan associated with the French government’s response to ...

Both posted before earnings

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☁ Hype/ Fluff +5.78% (6/9/23)

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🤡 Meme Just a regular Friday Night for our Executive Chair.

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion RC doing customer support? No. He is leading the way for a customer-obsessed company culture.


It is not his job to do customer support. Lot's of comments right now talking about this. Let me explain. This is about transitioning to a customer-obsessed company culture.

I work in aviation safety management. Safety will only improve if the company culture, in my domain the safety culture, improves.

This is how occurrence reporting is done. The first step to improvement is that the entire organization, each person, reports when they identify an issue/hazard. This will only happen with a change in safety culture. Well, not really safety in this case but customer-obsession-culture. This can only be achieved if the big boss authentically leads the way.

No-one should see an issue and shrug. Everyone should speak up when they see room for improvement.

Of course he won't be the guy solving the issue details. He might only do the first step, the issue identification, to demonstrate how important this is to him. In other words: Yes, changing the culture is exactly his job.

Bullish on RC and Gamestop's company culture and issue identification, root cause analysis, corrective action plan, implementation and monitoring of the solution. 🎮🚀🟣 Delight customers, every detail matters.

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📳Social Media RYAN COHEN on twitter

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📚 Due Diligence GameStop's 10-Q DRS Numbers: Bullish


GameStop's most recent 10-Q revealed a very interesting and very bullish information with the number of shares held by Cede & Co going down!

GameStop's 10-K filed on March 28, 2023 GameStop's 10-Q filed today, June 7, 2023
As of March 22, 2023, there were 197,058 record holders of our Class A Common Stock.  Excluding the approximately 228.7 million shares of our Class A Common Stock held by Cede & Co on behalf of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (or approximately 75% of our outstanding shares), approximately 76.0 million shares of our Class A Common Stock were held by record holders as of March 22, 2023 (or approximately 25% of our outstanding shares. As of June 1, 2023, there were approximately 304,751,243 shares of our Class A common stock outstanding. Of those outstanding shares, approximately 228.1 million were held by Cede & Co on behalf of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (or approximately 75% of our outstanding shares) and approximately 76.6 million shares of our Class A common stock were held by registered holders with our transfer agent (or approximately 25% of our outstanding shares) as of June 1, 2023.

Let's bring back some context from my prior post, GME 10-K: A Turning Point, and expand on it by first charting the history of GameStop's DRS numbers.


This is beautiful because we're seeing a classic S-curve in our data. Let me draw it for you and explain.


An S-curve is very important when considering new ideas. Basically, an S-curve represents how fast an idea spreads. In the beginning, ideas are new and held by only a few so the growth curve is slow. Then, at some point, ideas take off and we see rapid growth. And, finally, there's a saturation point reached where growth slows down again. These "phases of innovation" are well documented:

The adoption rate of innovations is non-linear; it is slow at first, then rapidly rises before flattening out again as it reaches market saturation.

Harnessing the Power of S-Curves

There are many theories of change, but one that is particularly relevant to innovation is centred on the S-curve. It is a way of depicting incremental, disruptive and radical innovation.


The S-curve can also be used to depict the diffusion of innovations in a culture over time. First described by Everett Rogers in the early 1960s, diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated and taken up over time. Rogers’ work is important because it emphasises that the innovation itself is not the only determinant of its ‘success’. There must also be communication channels, time and a social system in place to enable the innovation to be used and adopted more and more widely. Rogers also identifies the different categories of adopters: innovators, early adopters, majority (further subdivided into early and late) and laggards (Rogers, 1962).

[Open University: Innovation and the S-curve]

When we look at the DRS numbers, we can see the classic S curve. The key recognition is that some shares were already directly registered before apes figured DRS out. Perhaps with the benefit of hindsight, it's obvious that no early whale apes directly registered 5 million shares because apes are generally not that rich. ComputerShared.net even has a Shareholder Distribution chart where you can see that, even now, all apes sampled have fewer than 32,768 shares.


While may never know how many shares were held by the ~1,600 record holders in 2021 or who held them, we do know that there were at least 1,600 record holders and they, by definition, held directly registered shares. Then, as of Oct 30, 2021, 5.2M shares were directly registered after a few early apes started direct registering their shares.

As more apes started to directly register their shares, we see a rapid growth phase between 2021 and 2022. After the July 2022 splividend, we start to see DRS numbers tailing off as the idea of DRS matures signifying an acceptance of DRS amongst apes.

Bullish Turning Points

Looking back at the history of DRS numbers, we see two major changes in shareholder reporting: Oct 2021 and March 2023. As I noted before (twice),

These SEC forms are filed every quarter or year and people are lazy. The easiest way to start off a filing is to simply copy the one filed before (i.e., template) and update things like dates and numbers. So why the change? Wut mean?

  • Before Oct 2021, GameStop reported the number of record holders.
  • Between Oct 2021 and Oct 2022, GameStop reported shares directly registered with their transfer agent.
  • March 2023, GameStop reported the number of record holders, number of shares held by Cede & Co, and number of shares held by record holders.
  • June 2023, GameStop reports the number of shares outstanding, number of shares held by Cede & Co, and number of shares held by registered holders with our transfer agent.

The Oct 2021 change is pretty clearly a result of apes directly registering their shares leading to a noticeable increase of directly registered shares.

The March 2023 number is interesting because you'll notice that the Jan 2023 10-K reporting was significantly delayed for nearly two months from the end of Jan (see Jan 29, 2022) to March 22, 2023. This delay suggests the SEC didn't like what GameStop submitted and required GameStop to modify their filing before it became public. I think GameStop was going to put the discrepancy into their 10-K and the SEC said "Uhh, no. Please change that."^[1] (Remember, there shouldn't ever be more shares reported as held than shares outstanding; which is why proxy over voting has been "addressed" by adjusting the vote counts.)

To give you an example of this problem from my prior DD, End Game: DTC and NSCC are screwed as the DTC just proved shareholders should Directly Register Shares (DRS) and End Game Part Deux: Problems at the DTCC plus The Bigger Picture, we saw from 🛏️🛁 bankruptcy filings that their Transfer Agent reported Cede and Co holds more shares (776M) than there are outstanding (739M) -- which should be impossible.

Sources can't be linked (contains the ticker symbol) but can be found in the other sub

If a bankruptcy judge didn't order 🛏️🛁 to file this information with the Court, nobody would ever know that a company has 739M shares outstanding (with some directly registered) while the DTC and DTCC are circulating 776M shares of that company for trading (plus rehypothecation)!

Yet, here we are. And now we understand why the SEC is rushing to push through so many regulations simply to not look as bad when shit hits the fan. ("So, SEC, a bunch of regards on the Internet figured this out with publicly available information and you didn't? Even when the SEC was directly made aware of issues, again?")

Turning back to GME's 10-Q numbers, GameStop reported 76.6M shares held by Registered Holders^[2] and 228.1M shares held by Cede & Co on behalf of the DTCC. We know what ComputerShare, the Transfer Agent, is reporting. But due to the fog of war, we don't know how many shares the DTC and DTCC are circulating for trading or how many beneficially owned rights to shares there are.

What we know and don't know

Which means we can think of GME's 10-Q filing as a sort of CYA. GameStop has put on record there are 228.1M shares recorded by the Transfer Agent (ComputerShare) as allocated to Cede & Co and the DTC/DTCC. As far as GameStop, ComputerShare, and the SEC are concerned, any securities issues after that are problems within the Big Orange Box of BS (Beneficially-owned Shares).

The flattening of the S-curve happened somewhere around Oct 2022 and March 2023 when, all of a sudden, apes only saw an increase of 0.5M shares directly registered in the Oct 2022 DRS number followed by a 4.2M increase in March 2023. I think what happened for the Oct 2022 DRS number is institutions withdrew their ~5M directly registered shares to Cede & Co to (1) try and make it look like apes were leaving and (2) put more shares into Cede & Co for circulation.^[3] A few apes have come up with some recent evidence this could the case (by reviewing the ledger!) per a post on the DRS sub by lawsondt (with confirmation in the comments, 🫡)


Remember, apes are generally not whales so there's no way apes started off with 5.2M shares directly registered. On the other hand, institutions have the money to do so and some institutions probably wanted to have shares in their name. But there are no institutions on the list as of April 2023 anymore which strongly suggests apes are amazing regards who directly registered more shares than the institutions pulled out.

And now, institutions are out of directly registered shares. No more DRS rug pulls.

The Number of Shares Held By The DTC Is Consistently Shrinking

So when I look at the 71 calendar days between March 28, 2023 and June 7, 2023 (49 trading days), ComputerShare recorded 600k more shares held by registered ownership. That's 8,000+ shares per calendar day or 12,000+ shares per trading day removed from the BS box and locked away.

This is what the power of slow and steady erosion looks like

Cede & Co's holdings are consistently shrinking and institutions no longer have any directly registered shares.


According to the SEC, beneficial rights to shares held by the DTC are split amongst all the beneficial shareholder interests.

Each participant or pledgee having an interest in securities of a given issue credited to its account has a pro rata interest in the securities of that issue held by DTC.

[SR-DTC-2003-02 34-47978 (June 4, 2003)]

From another DD, Estimating Excess GME Share Liquidity From Borrow Data & Churn Factor, I covered a 2010 IMF Working Paper (The (sizable) Role of Rehypothecation in the Shadow Banking System) that found rehypothecation in the shadow banking system resulted in a churn factor of 4.


A churn factor of 4 means each GME share is rehypothecated into 4 beneficial rights to 1 GME share. Thus, according to the SEC, each GME share in a brokerage is worth 1/4 of what you think it's worth. Less if the churn factor is higher. (Easily higher as some countries have no limits on rehypothecation.)

Simply changing how shares are held from beneficially-owned shares (BS) to directly registered shares (DRS) automatically increases how much of the Company you own.  This is true for any Company where shareholders may suspect the DTC has more shares on their books or in circulation than they should.  With the shadow banking system rehypothecating assets around in circles, it's likely every BS share traded under the DTCC is worth less a DRS counterpart. Thus, every shareholder is basically incentivized to own a bigger portion of each Company by simply Direct Registering Shares to get more ownership for the same price. Which is exactly what the DTC and SEC said shareholders should do:

DTC pointed out that if beneficial owners believe that their interests are best protected by not having their shares subject to book-entry transfer at DTC, then they can instruct their broker-dealer to execute a withdrawal-by-transfer, which will remove the securities from DTC and transfer them to the shareholder in certificated form.

SR-DTC-2003-02 34-47978 (June 4, 2003)

If I get 4x more ownership by executing a DRS withdrawal-by-transfer out of the DTC, then clearly the DTC is not protecting my interests and I should execute a DRS withdrawal-by-transfer as suggested by the DTC and SEC.


Remember: adoption rate is non-linear. Meaning all the comments about it taking 84 years to lock the float at this rate are irrelevant because they assume a constant linear DRS rate at the current 8,000+ per calendar day (12,000+ per trading day) rate.

Instead, we should consider the current 8,000+ per calendar day (12,000+ per trading day) rate as a floor for what apes are accomplishing as a baseline. Progress and adoption are typically a series of S-curves as ideas are spread, adopted by a group, reach maturity in that group, spread more, adopted by others, reach maturity in the new group, and spread more again.


As a baseline, the current 8,000+ per calendar day (12,000+ per trading day) is phenomenal because these shares are getting locked away every single day despite everything Wall St has tried including:

  • incredibly high inflation taking away money from investments for living expenses,
  • media constantly bashing meme stocks, and
  • an endless stream of rule proposals and comments from the financial industry designed to screw retail investors.

I look forward to upcoming S-curves increasing our DRS numbers as more people learn about how our markets function. I know it will happen because it is inevitable. As shares are directly registered with the Transfer Agent, fewer shares will be held by the DTC which reduces the value of the remaining beneficial shares. And, in order to keep the price down, more beneficial rights to the shrinking number shares held by the DTC will be sold which further dilutes the value of those BS shares. As the ownership gain from directly registering shares increases, more shares will be directly registered which further speeds up this virtuous cycle (a virtuous cycle is like a vicious cycle, but for good things).

The incentives and self-interests align in such a way that the invisible hand ensures people will DRS as they learn it's more valuable to them.

Thank you to every ape out there contributing to this shared knowledge base. From the lit buildings at midnight to the memes and the amazing DD, including the relentless and rigorous peer review^[4], we are all educating each other about how our securities markets function.

[1] This theory is also consistent with some Trust Me Bro that I speculated about.

[2] Why the change from "record holders" to "registered holders"? Maybe this is to address the confusion around the Heat Lamp Theory? From the context, I suspect Book or Plan are both counted by ComputerShare as Directly Registered Shares falling under the "Registered-ownership shares" category on ComputerShare's FAQ.

[3] Notably, if you consider an adjustment for the Oct 2022 onwards numbers for the shares institutions pulled out, you'd get a much cleaner and smoother transition at the top with +5.5M, +4.2M, +0.6M and so on... which makes for a prettier S-curve that one might expect to see.

[4] Let's be realistic, it's the Internet. We're all basically like this


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☁ Hype/ Fluff - Getting Ahead of Weekend FUD and Drama - SUPERSTONK Don't get on their bad side

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Went down a rabbit hole of Arrrr /place this week and Cohencidentaly saw a few comments about it here as well.

The glorious green line and a beautiful reminder on the reputation of Superstonk community's bond in the face of adversity.

r/Superstonk 3h ago

☁ Hype/ Fluff Board Member Alain Attal bought 10,000 shares of GME @ $22.40. Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise (Peter Lynch) 🦍💪🚀💎🙌

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📳Social Media DR.Susanne Trimbath on twitter


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☁ Hype/ Fluff Tick Tock.

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📰 News The simulation is running hot 🤣

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🗣 Discussion / Question Ape historian | Trust me bro from a few days ago. I met someone in person who confirmed the dd and openly stated financial system is broken


Very clear trust me bro disclaimer.

I am removing a lot of the detail to make sure neither of us is identifiable.

So I am out in London, in the evening, having a good time, and I see , let’s call her Rachel .

Rachel works in crypto investments.

So this should be interesting.

We start chatting and it’s at the point where she drops “price discovery “ in where I get interested.

Effectively, she is aware that the system is not fair, and even the crypto system right now is starting to show signs of “attack” where where block level attacks are being attempted to manipulate price.

This isn’t the most important point. What is interesting is that this person confirmed price discovery doesn’t exist and major players route OTC trades after hours to not affect the volumes, she also confirmed that even though interest rates should be falling, they may well arise causing effectively hyperinflation, which made me remember Peruvian bulls dd.

What I found most crazy is that this person was just telling me to my face that “retail always lose” and that “citadel was front running and internalising trades” back in 2021, to which I added “they probably still are”- and she said yeah they probably still are.

She said that the financial system is not digital, a lot of back end work is still done by spreadsheet, calls here and there and that “retail never win”

But here is where shit got interesting. She said that even the regulators don’t know the regulations - her previous head of regulation at a major bank only knew the main headings of the regulation.

And it hit me that it might just be that we are one of the few people who ever bothered to read the sec documents.

But what was the most interesting thing is that she didn’t know about drs. And she doesn’t know about GameStop - only the 2021 version. Which is nuts.

She mentioned the bank conference as well and said “we are so close to economic collapse that the banks know it, they have to cheat otherwise they don’t make any money, and all the fines are just a slap on the wrist”

Interestingly she was very unphased to be involved in the system knowing it’s completely broken and just accepting it . Which made me feel we are just not the same people.

Tldr - met a finance person who openly admitted that the system is fucked and softly confirmed our dd as I was able to make a solid conversation with her and double check my thinking.

But who doesn’t know about drs.

Again, obligatory trust me bro.

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📳Social Media Dr. Trimbath on Twitter

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion Remember what Thomas said before 87 years?I member,it's up to the investors to lock the float,don't lend your investment against you. 🚀

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☁ Hype/ Fluff wen monday

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Data GME shares are getting harder to borrow… 10% borrow fee now

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion 3.3 million volume in Dark Pool / off exchange seems like a lot of hiding and price suppression tricks

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion Trust me bro. Met a market maker.


Apologies for any spelling grammatical or formatting errors, posting on mobile. Bit of a nothing burger but also left the conversation jacked to the tits.

A few weeks ago at a social gathering I was introduced to a friend of a friend who was described to me as a trader. Upon further what exactly do you do conversation . They told me that they provide liquidity in the Canadian equities market for a large financial institution. I said "Ok so you are a market maker?" I got a suprised "exactly what I am"

Now I myself work as an investment advisor and even though I am an og ape. I am usually generally pretty cautious on who I share this information with. Goin full tinfoil hat would not great for my brand.

Anyways I was not going to miss the opportunity to ask someone in the mix about our stonk. They deal in Canadian equities so were not familiar with our saga specifically. But after carefully curating a few questions about naked shorting/synthetic shares ect. I got the following response.

They said it was unlikely due to regulations but also possible through options.

Nothing we don't already know. Canada is one of the most regulated financial markets in the world, so of course someone who works in that space is going to say it's unlikely. But what got me fired up was the second part of the answer.

It's possible. Of course it is. We know it's happening.

Shorts must close. Buy hodl drs.

Ps if anyone is on the fence hang in there Apes are everywhere. I was at a conference and saw a colleague sitting beside me checking in on his shares. We are now closer colleagues.