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21 • be honest w/ me


looking for open opinions and suggestions 💐

it’s my first time posting , and appreciate the honesty ive seen .

( live verification photo at the end )

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Video Alleged Leopard 2 being hit by Kornet ATGM 09/06/2923

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Almost made it!

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Needed 3 hands.

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Flaired Users Only You were warned.

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r/Conservative 19h ago hehehehe

Flaired Users Only 'We don't have a Republic anymore': Republicans react to Trump indictment; suggest it is an attempt to 'preemptively steal the 2024 election'


r/Conservative 17h ago

It's Past Time For Republicans To Impeach Biden And All His Men


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Video Russians successfully use FPV drones against the Ukrainian equipment on Zaporozhye

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r/Conservative 23h ago Giggle Tearing Up

Did anyone notice “breaking news” section on YouTube is only used when there are narratives being spun against conservatives?


Went to YouTube and see breaking news of Trump being indicted. Never have I seen that section for all the breaking news about the left. I wonder if it’s the same on other social media platforms too, as I haven’t used them in a decade.

r/fansofcriticalrole 20h ago

Discussion This subreddit should be called critical fans of critical role


I a new listener to critrole starting in season 3, it's great! It feels like a full story that no one except Mercer knows where it's going. ( It's like charlie in the chocolate factory on that boat).

So I come onto the reddit expecting fan theories and favorite characters or backstories, etc. But almost half is just random criticisms that seem super minor and overly mean. Like their playing a game of lore chicken? I mean yeah a bit but that's how you make a series last this long you don't just lore dump in 20 episodes.

Idk I just wanna see more love in this subreddit.

Edit: I just want to be clear, I'm not saying criticism is bad I'm saying it seems totally overblown and just nasty to the players for no reason. It's DnD not the Senate.

Edit 2: Now you guys know how it must feel if a critical role member stumbles into this reddit. You guys can criticize them but I can't criticize you guys 🤷‍♂️.

Last edit: I want to say thank you to those with nuance, everything I say may not make sense but I just wanted to defend the players from what seemed like mob mentality over a game, and show, that they provide for us! I may have let a couple of posts on here shape my view of the whole, but my point still stands this subreddit should be named critical fans of critical role.

r/Standup 18h ago

99.9% of people pursuing standup are untalented, even people with some professional success


Lots of people out there are generically funny, but few are talented.

If you picked a random company and forced everyone there to do comedy professionally for 3 years, many people would end up making a passable set. They could get paid gigs, achieve some passing acclaim.

Point being: 1) lots of people are reasonably funny, 2) could write a decent set if they had to put their mind to it, 3) most comedians aren’t special.

It’s akin to how most people could be decent at piano if forced to learn it at an early age, but few have prodigious talent and can become concert pianists.

The difference is that with comedy, the “concert pianist” goal always seems a reality because mediocre comics have way more job opportunities than mediocre pianists. You can delude yourself that you’re uniquely talented and going somewhere, when in reality you’re a dime a dozen sorta funny person who’s practiced a bunch, and people are mostly chuckling through your forgettable set.

Most comedians are like authors mass producing unoriginal paperbacks of little lasting note. Few comedians are like authors who produce brilliant, original works that stand the test of time, or even pretty decent books.

You’re only talented if:

  • Your sets are original, not tropes seen in 2000 comedy clubs every day

  • People routinely crack up at your material, not chuckle. Your set isn’t 3 decent jokes and 4 minutes of “haha, it’s funny enough and I guess we should be laughing” filler. Again: anyone decently funny could do the latter

  • You can easily write jokes people crack up at; it’s not a belaboured process

  • If you’re in an underrepresented group (I’m in one myself), your set would be just as remarkable if performed by a middle-aged white man (obviously with some jokes changed). You’re not in any way coasting on being promoted for diversity’s sake. Your set is good because it’s funny, not because it’s “sorta funny, and it’s nice to see (your group) up there”.

Pursue comedy if it’s fun, but most people are pretty average.

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Clip [lord_kebun] Jewelry & Rellics to be removed from the city soon


r/RPClipsGTA 16h ago

4HEAD | NoPixel GG Moves out


r/RPClipsGTA 11h ago

Kyle | IgniteRP Lionel Riggs becomes the first State Marshal of Los Santos


r/DrDisrespectLive 20h ago

Deleting WARZONE2 now. Thanks Doc for defending NickMercs. Noble.


r/Conservative 19h ago

There is no process: That Time President Obama Apparently Disclosed Classified Intel Information


r/OntarioLandlord 22h ago

News/Articles Not every n12 is delivered in bad faith


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Video Ka-52 hit a tank of the AFU in the South-Donetsk direction

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r/tjournal_refugees 7h ago

📣 Мнения Почему я считаю, что украинцам можно шутить про мертвых россиян


Такие шутки помогают выпустить агрессию от очередного теракта, а также не забывать благодаря кому он произошел. К россиянам сначала, до войны, потом до полномасштабного вторжения, относились по человечески. Они все равно, в большинстве, решили что имеют право нас убивать. Нам нужно помнить на что они способны, чтоб в будущем быть готовыми к очередному геноциду, я считаю - это вопрос национальной безопасности Украины. Не должно быть после войны желания убрать забор на границе, потому что мы вернемся в ту же точку. И они должны понимать, что с цветами встречать их армию не будут никогда. А некий человек уже забыл про все преступления рф и дальше тащит к нам россиян, которые ничего не решают, не донатят ЗСУ, и умалчивают сколько же путинов в россии.

И шутки - это не призывы убивать или совершать другие преступления, а один из способов выхода негативных эмоций, которых больше чем нужно.

r/IASIP 6h ago

Two men from 2005 that have gotten SO MUCH plastic surgery they don’t even look the same in 2023

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It couldn’t be…I dunno…aging and a spray tan right?

r/politics 19h ago

The Pentagon Is Freaking Out About a Potential War With China


r/suns 7h ago

Suns were the 2nd best team in the NBA


No one took 2 games from Denver. They are destroying the Heat.

And this is with CP3 missing more than half the series and Ayton missing Game 6.

We got it next year

r/legal 12h ago

Considering how obvious Trump's crimes are with this latest 37 count indictment and all of the evidence, including his own recordings, how could he possibly get away with it?


Legal experts seem to think this is a slam dunk:

To veteran national security lawyer Kel McClanahan, it brought to mind "the Godfather — if it was reenacted by a five-year-old."

"I found it hilarious that some of his most incriminating things were recorded by his lawyers," McClanahan told Insider. "Beautiful."

To McClanahan, the executive director of National Security Counselors and a lecturer at George Washington University's law school, Smith's indictment against Trump is "masterfully written."

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Claim: Assisted Suicide Becomes 3rd Leading Cause of Death in Quebec — 7% of All Deaths


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no words

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r/RedDeer 14h ago

PSA I wish I could say I’m shocked but I’m not. However my blood is boiling. If you know anything about who did this please call the Red Deer RCMP and report it. Happy Pride Month everyone 🏳️‍🌈

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